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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's a long night.

Real bored, nothing to do.
And the FRUIT PUNCH crave comes in again.
Why huh? (Lol, I know Mr Wirriam gonna '!!!??' when he sees this)

Ended u.., Bo Her Hay Ah Ho (No Fish Prawn also Good - which means make do with something you got), I went to squeeze lemon onto my plain cool water to de-crave a little.
I think my body wants vitamins lah. :(

I've been eating cakes at night, and then.. hmm...
Ate a bowl of fishball soup.
And I'm still hungry..

I think Enzo is right.
There's a black hole inside my stomach. Omg~!

And I got coffee craves sometimes.
My body got addicted to the caffine.

and HAISSS...

i just totally waste one whole can of Fishmaw soup.
Cooked at very high temperature with the electrical cooker.
And the egg i added in was burnt at the bottom.
I didnt know and went to stir it and the whole soup is ruin.
I tried tasting it and it taste like I'm eating charcoal. Omg.
Inedible at all.

Now what?

I get this anxious feeling whenever I'm bored.
Waiting for something to happen yet knowing nothing gonna happen.
It sucks. Sighs!!

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