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@ Friday, March 13, 2009

MULTIPLE X CHOICE at SMU BAZAAR (10th ~ 12th March 2009)

I would like to thank everyone to drop by our booth and as well as those passerby,
and some other booth owners who sort of know me and drop by for a chit chat. (lol)

It's surprising that some of you knows me. (I didn't know i'm thaaaat famous HAHAHA).

Hell yea there's so much things to do.

And we were kind of lucky to switch booth on the 3rd day to the best sweet spot (rather than the 1st 2 days at the quiet alley).

But well, I hope we can see each other again soon, although I really forgot some of your faces. (my brain HDD is only 10GB! Need to go IT show today to upgrade it. hahahahah!)

I will be doing this more often.

Because I really love to see the smile on my buyers faces whenever everyone drops by.
Well, partly it's colorful and new stuff to them.
But yea, I myself feels happy too :D

Thanks everyone once again!

OH YES, I'm really heading to the IT show to buy a HDD to upgrade my brain space.
LOL, no lah, buy printer! :P

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