There's no coincidence but an underlying reason for everything that happened. ||

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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Sunday, March 29, 2009

My dream comes true, sometimes. Not most of the time.

It all started since 2002 and it continues on till date.

The first time.. I had a dream of me and my sister going out and choose watches.
The same day, my sis came back with a new watch, which i don't even know she went out and plans to get one.

Since then, I dreamt of my friend buying a new phone.
The next day, he really got that phone (which I didn't tell anyone about the dream yet)

Is it coincidental? Or does my subconscious able foresee the future?
For some.. I try not to let it happen because it's not a good one.
It's giving me a precaution about the things i do.

Recent times I dreamt that Kimi able to turn over on the bed.
The 2 days later, she finally did it.

I dreamt of piano just few days ago,
and now I bought it, which surprisingly quite early, i don't expect me to get one before April comes. Mom gave me a call and said we go look for pianos.~

And last night I dreamt of the pet groomer coming to pick coco up for grooming.
Probably they gonna call them soon.

I never dreamt of Mr Wirriam buy HTC diamond leh! :O :P

Too bad......


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