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@ Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keeping myself awake by drinking a cuppa coffee but coffee doesn't work on me.
Instead, I feel even more sleepy or rather.. no effect at all.

Lots of work to do, deadline by tomorrow. (!)
Had another photoshoot just now, and turns out better than we thought.
We gonna change all the pictures include the old batches. (Oh yea, no more spastic look!)
Well, we still haven't launch everything yet, hahahaha, super slow and hais... tiring!
And.. another photoshoot on Wednesday. You won't easily guess what place we shoot at.

And I gonna find sometime to spend days with Mr Wirriam this Saturday.
DVD + Cook Frog Porridge session.
Can't wait for it!

And still got to find people to sponsor them to use those cameras + films and send me back the samples images!

And and.. find time to go out shooting with films and digital and my lensbaby.

Most likely I'll plan to to go on hiatus around May, probably 1 week.
Okay, May.. Sounds far. But it's gonna end of March soon!

Another random thing.
The chicken eye just won't want to go off! (it's been half a year?)
Chicken eye = Corn = Dead skin under the sole of your feet

I keep peeling them off and it just grow back.
The root has to be cut off but I don't dare to poke the scissors into the dead skin. Sheesh..

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