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@ Saturday, March 07, 2009

I watched the movie 'PUSH' with Mr Wirriam as planned after I met my clients as the usual meetup place.
Certain things like the way they name each of the individual character who have special powers are pretty interesting.

And I think the character who screams are useless. (What is their nickname?) Damn bloody useless.
Only know how to make noise and spoil people's property, and die in the end. HAHAHA!

But I hate the way they end the movie.
So... I'll just rate it 3.5/5. :S

Before I start work at such wee hours... which is 3.20am now..

You guys need to watch this video.

It's really a powerful video that inspired us almost instantly.

Thanks Unker Jordan for sharing. :)

I guess... people who don't have anything will see the world in a different perspective.
People who born to have everything won't be able to see that point of view.

It's part of human nature that we will take things for granted.
Something that we can't really change unless the person want to change.
Just like knowing that we are destroying the earth with all the chemicals and stuff, save paper and plastics campaign, but yet... we still do it. Not everyone able to change that.

Only people who been through sufferings, hardship, make mistakes, and every shit things in life are the stronger ones.

Be glad that you have the shittest thing that happen to you in life.
In fact, shit doesn't happen all the time.
Cherish those those hurdles as they make you grow after you overcome them.

Why so scared to make mistakes?
Just do whatever you want, change from your mistakes and gain that priceless experience.

Life is about achieving happiness.
Whatever I do, my purpose is to be happy.
I think by my emotion, not anything else.

I can say, overall, I am happy with my life.

Eventhough I don't have much friends.
I don't club, I don't smoke, I don't really drink. (I quit drinking. hahahaha)
But after all these while, I realised that I don't need to be like anyone else around me (especially those who have happening lifestyle) to be happy.

I'm contented with what I have and enjoy doing things I'm doing now.
Not asking for more.
Really, I'm not cocking.
I'm starting to let go several things that I can't get them.. No point clinging onto it if you know it's impossible.

Pretty positive these days, hahahaha.

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