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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Thursday, April 09, 2009

2 days ago, i dreamt i went to Citibank to apply a step-up savings account.

I wanted deposit in more than S$2,000 as I was thinking it will waive off the service charge instantly without worrying the need to having S$2,000 within 3 months.

I didn't give any much of my personal particulars and the whole process wasn't complete.
I haven't even give them my cash to open the account.

I told the officer that I got a different signature now and I would like to change my signature in their system first before processing anything.
I showed them my UOB debit card and they approved.
The officer said 'It's ok, just sign with your new signature will do'

I sign the paper with my new signature and then.. they gave me a Citibank ATM card.
Hmm, but didn't give me any cheque book.

And I said 'Huh? Is this ok?' to the officer.
And he said 'Yea yeah, it's fine.. You can use it immediately.'

As I hesitated, I walked away from the counter.
The officer gave me a bright smile.

Somehow for the past few days, my dreams are so real.
So alike my reality.
I dreamt of my piano tutor, Zee, called me early in the morning.
He said 'Hello Khloe..'
And I can't remember what else he said, i remembered I answered "I just woke up, what is it..? Why call me?"
He said nothing, just for a chit chat.


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