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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Monday, April 20, 2009

I dont know if this make sense, but i'm actually direct translating it out from my head.

If someone approached your friend and said he wants to buy an item from you.
And your friend told him that the seller is actually her friend (which is you).
She told you that she is real proud to be your friend because you are famous.

Will you:
A) Be grateful that you are your friend's friend;
B) Be proud that your friend knows you as a famous person;
C) Be boastful that you are famous?

I had my 4th piano lesson yesterday.
Pretty.. well, noob.
Mr Zee (my tutor) said I like to gey kiang. Yeah I know.
It just simply shows that I can't wait to play a real good nice piece.
But I don't have legs to run, yet I want to fly like a bird.

I'm actually taking my music 'textbook' everywhere I go, and told my mom 'Im studying!'
And she said 'Huh? You need to study what?'
I said 'Music'

And when I said that, I think back of the past when I was a student.
Do I show the same attitude towards educational studies?

I think the real meaning in life is do what you like, even how crappy it sounds and how bad it is, or whoever looks down on you, ignore it. As long you like it, you will will succeed in it.

In fact, I'm not walking what society leads me to.
I'm walking on my own, with my heart.

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