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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I had a very long dream throughout the night.
I met many people, many friends, strangers, and have lots of events.

I'm in a school.

I saw my old friends.

Really can't remember what happened in the early events..
The last part before I woke up, we lied to the worker that we want to head into the cinema as we went to the toilet, sneak in and watched a movie.

Oh, who am I with?
Tian Wei. (My secondary school mate)

Wth?!! lol!

Anyway, good morning everyone.
It's 7.55am now..
Time for a morning jog.

[Addon at 8.47am]
I'm back.
I only had a near 15mins run around IMH compound, and 15mins walk.
I saw naked men.
Those are the men who live in the home.
But I never go and stare at them lah!

I wanted to run around IMH, then come back to my area to run another big round.
Crazy. I think that totals up more than 2.4km
I took a shortcut back cuz I know I can't make it anymore.
My subconscious had almost overtook me.
The pain in my ears and in my brain nerve comes back again.

I had 1000thoughts when I was on the way back.
It's crazy.
I think I should being my ipod along.

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