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@ Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had a sad dream.

It's about love.

I met a guy, almost perfect for me.
(I can't describe how, the guy is not handsome, but if I show you several pictures of what guys I like, you will find it odd. Ok, they have in common, but they can be old. HAHAHA.)

We hang out, everything is perfect, I'm the happiest lady on earth.
On one particular day.. We walked to a pavement, and bumped onto someone.

A lady.
She's in tears.

She's someone I know.
(Wait a minute, in reality I don't even know her! But that's what is it in the dream.)

She screamed at me "You've been doing this over and over!!!!!!"

Said that I ruined her previous relationship by snatching her previous guy, and now, again.
(I simply went 'wtf?', which means, the guy I'm in love with has a girlfriend, and is this bloody bitch?! But wait.. We shared the same guy before, and I realise she's my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Gahhh!!!)

I didn't bitch fight.
I just simply (sadly) tell the guy to go back to where you are from.
(And he went off with her! Argh!)

Still (sadly), we walked back to the same apartment.
(Oh, we shared the same place? Crap.)

I was in the room, watching them from aside.
My guy buddy came in. He didn't know what happen.
I totally can't take it and went out slamming the door and rush out to the roads.
I was crossing the road to and fro at the T-junction, just hoping a car will knock on me and I will die instantly.

I didn't die.
Instead, I walk back to the apartment again.

I stood in there quietly.
That isn't me.
Watching tv, bla bla bla. Trying to do all sorts of things to have his attention.

And when it's late, he went back home.
Watching his shadows fading at the corridor while he walked away.

I just gave a big sigh.

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