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@ Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I thought of one good love story.

I was thinking of writting a story. Hahaha.
But well, no time.

But here's a shortcut of the whole story.

It's about a girl who has a illness.

She knows it herself, even her closest friends.
And she fall in love with a guy but don't dare to confess.
She's been his secret admirer for many years..
But she's his soul mate. Sharing everything under the sun, and she's happy to live this way.

One day she decided to pass a envelope to him.
And told him "Don't open it until it's time."
The guy is confused and asked, "When is the time?"
She said, "I will tell you."

Years passed, and the guy is still curious to open the envelope.
But he have made a promise that he won't open it until the girl says so.

The following year, the girl was bedridden.
Terribly ill, and was about to die.
And trying hard to talk to the people who care around her, everyone is crying badly in tears.
She pointed at her soul mate, who sat at the corner, staring blankly.
The friend went to call him to go over to the girl.
She got something to tell him.

But she hasn't said anything.
Until the clock strikes 11.57 in the night, she finally pull her soul mate's sleeve.
As he tilt down and put his face near to the girl, she whispered in his ear "It's time."

A tear fall from her eyes while she was closing her eyes slowly.
Losing her conscious, she fall in a deep sleep..... and never wake up.

The guy was very sad and puzzled about what she said to him.
Even months later, he can't figure it out what is it.
"What is it time? What could it be?", he thought.

3 years later, he finally got married to a girl.
And they bought a house.
He packed up every single thing in his room and saw a dusty letter under his bed.

The moment he took it, the scenes flashed back into his mind.

(Girl: Open it it's time to do so. Guy: When? Girl: When I tell you.)
(Girl (In hospital): It's time..)

He suddenly realise this is the one which the girl is referring to.
He blew the thick dust on the envelope and open it up and his tears kept falling while he's reading it....

(To be continued.......)

I know it's a lousy story, but hahahaha, it comes in when I'm bathing! LOL

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