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@ Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm just feeling troubled in life because of the fact that I SHOULD have decay teeth.
Really ruined my self esteem.
Teeth are one of the important assets in my life man!
They are priceless assets that god gave me, yet I'm ruining it. Oh, poof!

Fixing an appointment this weekend, I hope they have slots.
Gonna get it done and fix.

And, I'm gonna work on Public Holiday again.
Mr Wirriam said I don't have 1.5x pay on PH, and suggest that I should charge my buyers a small fee for meeting on PH. LOL.
Well, just a suggestion, please don't get alarmed by it. I don't charge such ridiculous fee for meetups.

Good Night people.
Time for bed.
I'm always late for my sleep everyday.

No, wait, I'm hungry. (again)...

By the way, I just can't wait for the weekend to come again!
Really want a cosy night + dvd + chips session with Mr Wirriam!
That's our old usual routine. Not spending much money (i'm following Nic's rule), and it's warm heartening that calms my worries away (I have lots of worries everyday like crazy. Too much plannings and plannings and plannings to think).

Oh yeah, Labour day~~
Something up soon...

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