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@ Sunday, April 26, 2009

It was a massssssssive busy day yesterday during the peak period at Flea Fly Flo Fun.

IMAGE_017.jpg picture by khloe3074k

I have to really thank my supporters, my fans, who dropped by.
I was real happy that you guys are there.

And thanks Ruby for coming.
I really have to apologise that I can't entertain you. Really very busy! But thanks for that heartwarming showup! :D

Thanks to my SIM mates to come after their first paper.
Also, damn guilty that I cant find a chance to entertain you guys.
I will meet you guys soon after your exams.
AND THANKS, Nic, I gonna pay you back the $ for the food and drinks. Without your support, I think I will die of Hunger there. HAHA.

Thanks Jordan for coming over.
And despite of not having an IU on his bike, he got to come over all the way from chinatown by foot. (Really???) Thanks for your presence!

AND.. I have to thank Mr Wirriam for supporting and be my helper for the day.
You really did a good job. Thanks baby. :)

LASTLY, I have to apologise to everyone if I may sounds rude, or impolite, cuz I guess sometimes I may not know what I'm talking. Been talking and talking and talking nonstop to customers. And also have to apologise the fact that I'm a human, I made mistakes, and made you wait for awhile when I can't handle the massive load of customer traffic.

Thanks once again people.

You guys made my day.

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