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@ Friday, April 10, 2009

My Journey to lead a healthy lifestyle - Day 2

It was good.
I slept at 12mid+ (before 1am) and woke up at 9am.
Still, I can see the golden morning sun before it changes to the nasty cancerous one.

I hope this will stay for longterm, else I won't be here for long.

The weather is crazy these days.
Hot, cold, wet, dry, all within a day.

Anyway GOOD FRIDAY to everyone~ I bet everyone is happy to have a public holiday to rest.
Well, not for me. I got to work, meet clients, and the daily usual routine.

An update for MULTIPLE X CHOICE.

Easter promo~~~~
Valid only from today till this Sunday.

Grab those cameras, those holga at cheap price, YES CHEAP PRICE I TELL YOU!
And it's only for this promo!

Click the picture above to enter the site.

Anyway, I'm watching movie later. YAY.
With Mr Wirriam, Unker Jordan and Ming?
I should have a nickname for Ming.
BioEssenseCarOwner LOL.

Gotta prepare now.

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