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@ Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ok great, on April Fools' Day:

I receive my Piano, and
Mr Wirriam bought a HTC Diamond.

Happy day for us.

But not too soon, I got a gastric attack.
Oh well...

Movie marathon for us (Mr Wirriam+Unker+Ming+Me)
Watched Unborn today.
I think it's pretty funny at certain parts.

And tomorrow.. Jackie Chan movie.

I think they are crazy, spending $ for movie, although it's just $6 for each show.
But I just join in the fun.

Anyway, do find me at FleaFlyFloFun at HomeClub end of this month.

25th April (Saturday), 3pm - 10pm
20 Upper Circular Road,
B1-01/06 (The Riverwalk)

Free Entry, Music, Brooze and Cameras + Clothes Bargains for everyone!

More details coming up + Will remind everyone again when date draws near.

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