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@ Sunday, April 05, 2009

On 2Y4M, we ate at this Jap restaurant in Vivo.

What is that restaurant call ah? I forgot liao.
Slightly higher class than Sushi Tei.

We enjoyed our dinner there.

We ate Chawanmushi, the prawn is really crunchy good.
I didn't take a picture of it because I can't wait to eat it.

By the way, all pictures are credit to Mr Wirriam's HTC Diamond.
Didn't set the White balance settings. The color is so yellow lah.

Our sashimi set:
Maguro, Hamachi, Mekajiki, Salmon, and Ebi
I like this because they actually put it on ice, which actually makes it more fresher and nicer to eat when it's cold.

2x Califonia Handroll.
Shaky hands...~~~

What is this call again?
Chirosan? I actually ate this again today... Forgotten the name.

Saba fish. Yummy~~~

4 sticks of bbq stuff.
Its actually Shishamo, Pork with Golden Mushroom, TonToro with Mastard sause, Salmon Belly.
They gave the sause for us to dip but we didn't.
Spoil the original taste.
And I salute to those people who did the BBQ-ing.
Really tough job I must say.. I keep watching them doing all the work.
It's hot, oily, busy, and omg, multi-tasking!

Total damage is the exactly the same as I expected, it's $100 and a few cents.
But it's worth spending.
Thank you Mr Wirriam for treating me! :)

Spent a night at his place..
As usual...
I always have either Big Breakfast or Hotcakes for breakfast at his place -_-
Can I have McGriddles next time??

As for today,

Mr Zee, my so-called Holga buyer but now he's my piano tutor, came over to my place and taught me piano (duh).
He's such a busy man, as usual. But I'm looking forward to the next lesson next week! :p

Come to think of how we met, it's seriously amazing.
Even he thought so too.
If isn't some incident, he won't buy a holga and he won't be my tutor.
And I have to really agree with him, it's fate.

Went to Sushi Tei for dinner with my mom and sis + kimi.
No pictures but we sort of ate Mini Califonia Maki, Collegen Salmon Belly + Mushroom Miso Soup, Mekajiki Sashimi, Chawanmushi, Caviar sushi, and that what Chirosan. Simi CHirosan, I googled it and it's wrong la. LOL.

Gyu BBQ thingy, it's nice.
Fried Rice?
Total damange, also $100 and few cents for 3 people.

Sinful to pocket.
But I think I want to spend my birthday at a Japanese restaurant.

I told mom about the Chawanmushi present.
She agreed to cook it for my birthday.
People got what mee sua or dunno wad.. I never had that in my life for my birthday at all.
I think I prefer Chawanmushi.. Whahaha...

OK NIC, I will save money.
By the way, I'll contact you for some gathering discussion soon.

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