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@ Friday, April 03, 2009

Watch Jackie Chan's movie - Shinjuku.

The thing I like about the movie is giving a new feel of Jackie Chan.
I went into the cinema without knowing what story is that.

Everyone's impression of Jackie is.. Oh, he fights, stunts, will be an action pac movie.
The hero will always survive. Boring.

This is different.
In this movie, he doesn't knows kung fu, stunts, and he ... (OMG SPOILER AHEAD) *ahem*died*ahem*

I somewhat don't really like the ending.
And the storyline is like.. so-so..
No big climax, nothing really amazing.
But it's funny, yeah.

Because the settings is in Japan (oh hell, I love Japan)
So the language is mostly in Japanese.. it affects my rating to the movie.
Well, a 3.8/5. (3.5 is too low, 4 is too high)
If isn't Japan, I think this whole movie suck, like only 3/5. Hahaha.

But the money is still worth watching. ;)

I want to watch 2 more movies.

Detroit Metal City

Gonna be 4 movies within 2 weeks.
Whahaha... Wanted to watch all 4 within a week, but Mr Wirriam gonna have his exams next week.

To Yin, Mr Wirriam & Unker Jordan and other PSB students who are taking their exams~!!
Ganbatte neh~!

1hour+ on the piano is real fast!
Still trying to syncronise my left and right hand together...
I realise how useless is my left hand before I touch this piano.

It's weak, useless and oh i dont know what to say about it.. Simply dumb. LOL. HAHAHA..!

Ok, it just meant that I rarely use my right brain. :S
But did improve quite a fair bit after 2 days.

And things are getting better to me, it seems like.
Falls at the right time, right moment, and yeah, pretty looking forward to it.
Everyday is unknown yet a surprise for me.

I really love my life now, yeah.
Probably for the time being, hahahaha...!

I know you guys will be happy to see me happy.
So I should stay this way! :D

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