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@ Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yesterday watched Knowing in AMK with the 3 guys.
Not too bad, just that certain part of the movie just not realistic to me
However i'll give a 3.5 out of 5 for it.

Spent the night at Mr Wirriam's place.
Ate curry for breakfast, which is cooked by his grandma and.... omg, so spicy
Until went i went for my shower, my stomach cannot take it and puked them out.

And ended up i ate plain rice with seaweed. Hahahah, sounds ke lian but it's nice seriously.

Went back home and prepare for Zee to come over and have my piano lesson.
I realise i suck a lot, well due to not practicing much..
Finished and he drove me to town to have our dinner at Tonkichi.

We had a great dinner. Thanks for the treat.
I wanted to pay for it but he gave ma one serious look that he want to treat me until i feel like this ------> .________.

And I hope he's happy with my surprise gift, which I lied to him that I don't have it the whole day. Hahahahaha...!
And went over to Kinokuniya and buy some piano books.

I was browsing some photography books and one guy approach me and asked 'Are you Khloe?'
Pretty shock to hear someone who actually know me on the street and spotted me out as the 'Holga seller' :D

But yea, thanks people.
Now i know.. I'm THAT famous.

It's pretty interesting to know why people know how do I look like.
As in.. my pictures don't look 100% than how I look like in real life.
So.. Hm.... I don't know.
But thanks people, I know you buyers read my blog. I just wanna thank for all your support.

Just a reminder, Easter promo is ending soon.
Till sunday.
Please dont miss this out!!!

Yeah, have a great weekend. :)

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