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@ Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday... Mr Wirriam called me.

Wirriam: Where are you?
Me: Hougang.
Wirriam: Do what?
Me: Buying a 招财猫
Wirriam: Huh? How much?
Me: (Excitedly) $38 only.
Wirriam: What?! $38 only???
Me: Ya, Only! I fall in love with the $1188 one.
Wirriam: ....... You call that only? Plus $2 more it can last me for how many meals.
Me: But I see it I feel very happy. I think it's cheap what?
Wirriam: .......
Me: OKOK, I paying it now!!!
Wirriam: Ok bye.

(Phone line cut)

I was paying the cat, and went to take a shot of the biggest cat there.

2hours later.

I was back home.
Open her up.
Don't laugh at her both hands. She got to put one hand up, and the other hand have to hold up a money mullet.

Every drawings on her body got its own meaning.

The lady told me to clean it first, then put in auspicious amount into the cat before unwrapping her bell.

I put in $18.88! LOL.

Where the hell did I get that 1 cent coin?
I only got that recently like last week.

The post office lady forgot to include one postage payment in the same receipt.
So I paid cash and she returned me 4 cents.
The same day I went to buy some bread, and while taking the change from the bakery cashier, my money fell. And I dropped 1 cent.

So just nice, I left with 03 x 1 cent coin!

Wirriam called again.

Wirriam: Hello?
Me: Hey, bye! You are disrupting my ritual service!
(Counting coins)
Wirriam: ..... OKOK, Bye!

(Phone line cut)

Muahahha, he must be mad at me.
The cat is more important than him! LOL.

Now, it's beside my imac!

Oh ya, that's my crystal which I bought last Sunday.

And I ate raw carrots with mayonnaise for breakfast.
With a cuppa fresh milk.

Speaking of food..
I ate FRIED LAKSA like a couple of weeks ago.


It's omg spicy, big servings, and.. aaaahhh, it makes me drool now.
Saliva coming out.

It's somewhere in industrial area.
Furniture building.
Lol, sibei ulu until cannot ulu.
You need to drive or take a cab to that area.

Can anyone tell me where to eat fried laksa in hawker or something?

PS. I really wanna buy a cat as a pet when I get married.

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