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@ Thursday, May 14, 2009

Discussed with sarah earlier on.

Anyone thought of sending a birthday card to ownself?

You buy your own birthday card.
You wrote 'Dear Me, Happy birthday to me. Loves, Me'

And you send via snail mail.
To your own address.
Undelivered address, back to you own address.
I think the postman will go 'Wtf?'

You walk out to the postbox.
Dropping into the box and hope that you will receive it soon.
Feeling happy that you will receive a card in a few days time,
You went back home.

Few days later your letter came.
You open it up on your birthday and read it out.

I wish I can brain wash overnight.
So I can give myself surprises.
Cuz nobody else can do that..

But I think it seems pretty scary.
Spilt personality? lol.
But I think I will do it.
Really. Just that I dont think there's time for me to receive it on time if I go buy a card and send it out tomorrow.

Probably I'll do it next year.

So kids,
This is what adults do when they reach adulthood.

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