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@ Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exactly one year ago from today,
I was at the hospital
Watching my beloved one
Catching the last breath
Of life.

1 year later from that day,
My calender is marked as an important day
Remembering this date as memories of a loved one.

It's my Dad's 1 year death anniversary.

Time flies.
It's so fast that I could really remember every single detail of that night
Like as it happen only last night.

Just can't believe 1 year has past.
Oh my god!


Anyway, Mr Wirriam and I went to Unker's Jordan's cousin's salon (I always like to describe it this way. It sounds very distant.) to get his hair fixed.

His cousin helped me to de-tangle that shit knot inside my hair. LOL.
Pretty god job, really have to thank him for that.

And he dyed one small portion of my hair from Mr Wirriam's dye leftover. -_-

He ever asked me 'What if your whole hair is tangled?'
I said "That will never happen"
He continued "How do you know? Maybe it will"
I replied "No, never!"

LOL, god if my whole head is tangled, it will be a nightmare.

This time is a good experience.
I think I should suggest all hair salon to have wifi.
I was playing facebook and tetris throughout when he's doing my hair.
Hahahaha~ Like fun ah.
Got hooked by that game.


3 more days to go~

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