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@ Monday, May 04, 2009

Holga packages revised.

What's the difference?
GCFN Packages is now available.

holgapackage-1.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Yesterday was our 2Y5M.

Anyway, I seriously almost forgot about my 2Y5M with Mr Wirriam.
Because I spent my 5 days straight with him until I don't even know the dates.

Had sushi dinner with him and Unker on Wednesday.
Had movie with him and Unker and ming on Thurs.
Stayed overnight at my place on Thurs-Saturday.
We went to town, on Friday.
AMK + soccer @ his place on Saturday.
Ikea trip on Sunday.

Like finally, he bought a new computer table.
And bought a temporary computer chair, probably for his sister.
He's gonna have a new 32" tv in his room!
Revamp!!! :D I like.

And I will be his consultant for his room.
Changing the bed frame, mattress, new quilt, addon curtains, new wardrobe, shelving, hmm...

Thanks for the accompany~
& I'm glad you enjoyed my accompany despite of all those pain and nonsense.

But it does make me realise what kind of person am I after staying with you.
You laughed at my silly-ness.
You laughed at my cuteness. (HAHA)
You laughed at things I do.
Almost everything~

Seriously speaking, AM I THAT FUNNY?

Ok lah, I think I'm quite nonsense in the sense that I'm entertaining.
You laughed at me and it makes me think I'm funny and I laugh at myself too.
And I know all these words and actions do works on you to make you happy.

I know yin will agree with this. Tehehe..

I think I do love myself.
I love the way I am.
No, I should change my words earlier.
It should be: You made me love myself more after staying with you.

I do get the feeling that I'm happy, I'm contented, I love everything, myself, you, whatever it is around me when I just walk on the street with you, holding your hands and even queuing up to buy 4D.
HAHA, it sounds weird. Most people will say "walk in the park"
Nah, in reality.. do you really make the effort to walk in the park and pat toh?
No mah, we go NTUC and queue to buy 4D or toto!

Oh ya, I forgotten to check what i've bought.

Anyway that day I watched this documentary about people response to death..
And all of them who dont fear of death are people who are fully contented in life.
Yes I have to agree with that.
No regrets to leave this world.

If I were to touch my heart and answer the same question, I would say...
I don't fear of it too.
The only thing I need to do is to write my will and arrange what I have (well, assets) to my love ones. That's the thing I haven't do yet.

But.. I do fear of losing people.

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