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@ Thursday, May 21, 2009

I dream came true again.

My iMac was down..
Last night I dreamt that my sis told me my iMac came back again.
I asked "Really? Why?"
She said 'I don't know.."

And when I woke up, just thinking it's a dream, I feel disappointed.

I switched on my Macbook, check my mails..
One of it is from Mr Wirriam.
He told me to call Apple to get it done cuz some people manage to fix it when the HDD is gone.

So I put in the plug, switch on my iMac.
If this doesn't work, I gonna call Apple.
I see the white screen, feeling disappointed.
Anticipating for that folder with a questionmark right at the middle of the screen.

No, wait.. this time it doesn't show anything foreign.
I saw an apple.
Does it work now?

I went to touch the monitor where the CD drive is located.
It's spinning.
Still feeling disappointed, the CD will bring me to reinstall Mac OSX...

Next instant, I saw all my files.
HUH? Wait a minute.. I'm in desktop now?

It really bring a smile to my face because IT'S BACKKKK!!!

I told Mr Wirriam..
Maybe it might caught a flu few days ago.. :O

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