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@ Sunday, May 24, 2009

I dream of many things last night.
But the only thing I can remember is one thing.

I entered a school.
And they taught me how to sing.
And I realise I was in a choir.

That's all I can remember. Hahahaa..

But yeah, being in a school of choir, or band: classical band, classical orchestra, military band, chinese orchestra, anything else besides rock bands, is part of my dream.

When I was a kid,
I dream of being as one of the band member and have opportunities to travel all over the world..
just to play music to people.

That's one reason why I learn the piano.

Maybe being in a band seems not possible now, and again.. the same usual words that I will say if I can't achieve it: Next life,... Next life...

Anyway, bought some of my clothes for Shuting's wedding.
It was a tedious hunt.

Many things to consider.
1) The dress cannot be thin chiffon as I will be very chor lor, taking camera and may tear the material
2) The dress cannot be too glam, not tube dress, not spag, not too fancy to be unglam
3) Has to be short, not big flares
4) Able to match with leggings or dark stockings
5) Suitable for girls who run about with a camera (HAH)
6) Cannot wear heels, it's gonna be the craziest thing to wear heels and run and take photos the whole night.
7) As all mentioned, the dress and the footwear cannot be too casual as i'm also the guest for the wedding.

I asked Mr Wirriam..
When will it be my proper time to enjoy a wedding dinner?

Gonna be stress man.
Its been a long time I last touch my camera and editing skills.
Finally took back my speedlight flash.
I will use lensbaby for this event. Yeah!

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