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@ Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I envy those people who blogs, plurk, facebook, or any other media to talk about what they ate during lunch, dinner and supper, or planning what to eat for tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, high tea, supper, dinner, and the day after without any worries on their timing, what not-to-eat, what's good, what's bad, what's nice, and how does it taste like after putting those into their mouth and even dream about food, and anticipating their meals, or even desserts like durians, or small little snacks like french fries, or maybe things like xiao long bao, and other kinds of bao on earth, and waits for people to comment on their comments and even talk more about doos which I cannot really eat, think or even dream about it as I'm having gastric and many stomach problems for the past 3-4 days, and to think of it as a long scale, i'm actually suffering for 9 years and still counting, and i've yet to find any cure because of my stubborn and lousy lifestyle I'm currently living which can't change anything even if I eat properly which includes non spicy, non sour, non fried, non gravy-ish, not much red meat, and more on vegetables becasuse based on scientific proof, blood A people gets gastric easily as they are more prone to indigestion and thus they are the blood group that have a higher chance of getting stomach ulcers and cancer than any other group, so I have to be very very becareful as cancer is in my blood and family line, I have to go for frequent body checkups, blood test, detox, and change my bloody lazy lifestyle and lead my dream life which I always dream of, such as waking up in the morning to have a coffee in town, which is pretty easy to achieve just that I have a god damn lazy character and attitude since birth, which I was told that I've been hibernating like some computer system since born and this mades me surprised because I'm still like some hibernating animal who eats and sleep a lot but not like a bat who able to change it's body temperture to null, which was told by Mr Wirriam few weeks ago when he got that info somewhere (if i'm not wrong it's television), or probably he's lying or nature is god damn a wonderful thing in the universe, just like mother nature who created woman and man as a complete puzzle because i just realise something when i saw something in facebook this afternoon and makes me surprised, and now its kind of random because I want to say that I still feel the pain in my stomach for the past 483273641293 minutes of my life, i'm really very tired but i cant sleep because of the pain and i went to puke out just now and its actually the ice cream i ate 9 hours ago at st andrew (marina square) and i cannot imagine that i actually ordered 5 scoops of ice cream and eat like mad but i'm not crazy, i only eat half of it and i'm full because my stomach is small, probably the size of an excercise book or lesser, but i dont understand why they say im a great eater becaus they have yet to see someone who is greater and better in eating than me, much more worse and i bet they will go wow when they see that person, because she is smaller sized than me yet her stomach is twice as big as me, and i think i should stop here because everything just makes no sense, but i just want to say i really envy people who can eat happily and a reminder to all girls who wish to go on diet when they are not fat at all: please cherish your life, your meals you have and all the good stuff because if you think you are fat or slightly fat, it just means that you have the fortune to eat in life unlike me who loves eating but i can't do so since i'm a 12 year old kid, so do remember that for heaven sake; good night world, its actually time for bed but i just feel like playing some games in facebook before i do so, and probably try to get something to bite on because my mouth feels itchy as usual as ive mentioned that i loves to eat because I live to eat not eat to live and sometimes i got high taste in food but not as high as someone because i got that kind of 'shui bian' kind of character......

to be continued.

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