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@ Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New poll~ Do answer those questions at the side bar!
And new widget! Got to thank yin (indirectly)for that~
But i just can't get to align it to center.

Had steamboat buffet for my mom's birthday celebration.

Happy birthday to Mom~
Happy birthday to Mom~
Happy birthday to Mommy~~
Happy birthday to you!

And sponsor (a little) on her Dior bag.

And bought something for myself too. Which they sponsored (some) as well.
Will only disclose after my birthday..

Can't wait to be 21 years old.
Although I know it's gonna be 'Just another day' for me, well maybe?
Probably there are surprises which I'm oblivious bout..
But I seriously don't expect anything big for this special year.
Because I'm already contented with everything I have now.
Not asking anything more.

BUT.... I'm still seeking for a wallet.
Decided not to buy Loewe wallet though I still LOVE that~
And from now on, I will never buy Gucci stuff anymore. Crap stuff, seriously.
And Loewe will be my new love, they are such a nice class~

loewe-logo.jpg image by fitzzhao

Went to Louis Vuitton Boutique today and get my agenda book fixed.
And just that few minutes talking session bout repairing, I got their small paperbag and LV envelope for FREE! (Without spending a cent in there..) Whahahah! I know I sounds damn cheapo~ But I'm very happy for that. LOL.

Ok, time for another slice of cheese and I'm off to sleep.

Good night people.

OMG...! So many people's birthday.

6th - Calvin
7th - Ivy
11th - Leonard
12th - Mom / Simin
17th - Aldrick / Wang Li Hong (!)
19th - MINE
20th - Shuting / Clark
24th - Kendrick
26th - Sodohoya (my kindergarten friend, which i just found out in Facebook birthday events)
28th - Unker Jordan

I didn't mention lots more cuz i've lost contact.
But I remembered i ever count that I got more than 15 friends (those days) who are born in May.
This is crazy!!!

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