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@ Monday, May 04, 2009

When I think of a 26cents stamped package, I'll think of something..

I was love in with Cardcaptor Sakura a couple of years ago..
Too much till I buy anything which got to do with that anime.
I manage to buy a set of clow card. A full set from Australia.
But now.. It's 1 card missing. It's never complete.

I gave one to a guy.

I joined in a channel in mIRC when I was 13.
I can't remember the exact name of the channel.
It's #cardcaptorsakura or #cardcaptor or #ccs

In there, I can chat with lots of people.
People I don't know.
I remembered there's this nick, syaoran (its actually a character in CCS anime).
Behind the nick is actually a guy, or rather a boy which is the same age or almost the same age that time.
If I could remember clearly, there's this girl he's quite close with.
Probably a very good friend. Because the nickname is sakura. And probably they were playing as the characters in the anime.
I was feeling quite sulky when they were lovely dovey.
Probably they are real lovers? Which I always choose to deny that fact in my heart.
I choose not to ask anything because I don't even know them at all.
I just watched them chat in the channel main, quietly..

One day, other channel members and I were discussing about Clow cards and how to get them.
I said I bought one set from overseas.
sakura wasn't in at that moment. Taking the chance, I actually went to tell syaoran that I'm gonna give him one card.

He refuse to accept it.
He said it's gonna be incomplete, just said 'Its okay.. It doesn't matter.'
In fact, he was forced to accept (by me).I told him to choose one card he like out of the whole stack.
I can't remember what is it, probably The Wind?
I asked for his address and send that to him via snail mail.
He stayed in the west, and he got a pure chinese name (means he doesn't have Christian name).
I really can't remember any details at all, just a vague one.

I was quite happy when he accept it.
Packing the card into a white envelope, and if i'm not wrong, i wrote a note in there.
Happily found a stamp and pasted on it. It's a 1st local stamp which is 26 cents now.

Willingly to walked out of my house and go all the way to the mailbox and drop in the letter.
And I came back home, my grandma asked me 'Send letter to who?'
I just replied 'A Friend.' And i remembered that feeling was like 'Oh shit I was caught red handed!'

I went back to my computer and told him it's sent out.
Few days later he said he received it and thank me for that.

And just a week+ or later, we lost contact after since.
I never know how he was like, I couldn't even know more about him.
I just left the channel without a word.

I wonder who is he, where is he, what is he now?
Did he keep the card?
Did he throw it away?
Will he still remember me as a girl, a stranger, who send out something which she likes without a reason?

Probably there's a reason way back then.

And I doubt he still remembers.

I think I should start sharing my stories.
Although not necessary, but I don't think they are too personal.
Will blog out when i feel like it.

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