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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Always clinch a deal with a quick and swift response.
All replies at once just like a sharp knife slicing a sashimi, a slice at one go.
Leaving no flaws of uneven cuts.

oh, i'm thinking of sashimi now :O

Quite a fruitful weekend for me, although its quite simple.

Had a blood test last saturday.
It wasn't that bad as the previous time i withdrawl blood.
But this time I can feel that I got lack of oxygen, got difficulties in breathing when the needle is in. Mr Wirriam said high white cells tend to take away the oxygen in the blood, so i feel like this easier..

Just hope there's improvement in my blood..

Met sherman and lyncia for a lunch at Shokudo.
Went ECP after bugis and booked 2 hours of bicycle ride with Mr Wirriam.
I see improvement in him, but he had a fall because the bicycle isn't good. Some problems with the chain and gears, and the bloody brake damn sensitive. Not his fault, bicycle fault.
Jia you baby~ :)

We had a mini dinner 'picnic' at the wakeboarding area there..
Not bad, eat while watching people with their boards.

Went grandma house first before going to town for a movie with Mr Wirriam's friends.
It's his friend's birthday so I specially pack a box of gift during the noon.
Kinda proud of my work, hahahahaha.

Ate at Tonkichi @ Orchard Central.
I got confused with the names. I thought Orchard Central is Orchard Point.
But in fact Orchard Point exist and it's opposite of it.
Theres Central Point, Orchard Point and Orchard Central. What the heck?

I told Mr Wirriam that the moment i put that spoon in my mouth, the picture in my head is, wearing a flare white dress with draw hat, sitting on the sand with a nice cooler, having a nice sun bathe while looking at the beach.

:O I'm serious~

And ate the Coffee Jelly. I introduced Mr Wirriam that.
I'm kind of addicted to coffee jelly. :D

Watch Transformers 2 without watching the first sequel of the movie.
Wasn't too bad, i rate it 3.5 ~ 4 out of 5 at first.

But today, I watch the first sequal and I think Transformers 2 is better.
More actions, more robots, more transform!! So i give a 4 now ;)

And yeah, as for today...
Had dinner at Ichiban sushi just now.
Went NTUC and bought Muji icecream.
Azuki and Matcha icecream!
And Hagen Daz Rum & Raisin.
Cheese, HL Milk, Nutella.

OMG, I realise I bought FATS home!

So now...
I'm pretty tired.
Been busy these days and will be a little more busy next month compared to this.
Need some time management..

Goodnight people. :)

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