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@ Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bought 4 white gadgets within a week
Western Digital My Passport Portable HDD 500GB
Asus Tech Wireless Router RT-N11

Razer Pro Solutions Mouse + Mousepad

Very happy girl indeed.
Now my table is going to be more complete. :)

Changed my MaxOnline Express -> MaxOnline Express Plus
Free 1mbps mobile broadband, SIM card + dongle is free!

Now I can surf around anywhere like crazy.
Delivering to me this Saturday morning.

And thanks to Mr Wirriam that I converted my HubStation as my modem.
Can throw away my Motorola modem liao. Giving me problems for the past 6 years. Gosh, didn't realise I can tahan it for so long.

Up next,
A Bicycle.
Still haven't know where should I get.

iPhone 3G S coming next month, probably I will wait a little longer to be more stable
So meanwhile I shall plan out whats my plans for my number & mobile plans.

Then will plan up my vacation trip..

Alicia tempted me to buy a Nintendo Wii.
But i think it's not necessary.
Mac is giving me all the entertainments, more than enough..

And one big news about Max OS X!
Snow Leopard is coming up!

Better Finder.
New look for Expose.
Quicker TimeMachine backup. (Up to 50% faster)
Faster wakeup timing, shut down and joining a wireless network. (Up to 2x faster)
The whole operating system is simplified and thus 45% faster speed than Leopard OS.
Upgrade in Quicktime application.
Ability to write chinese characters with macbook/pro trackpad (this is one thing that impresses me a lot) [See below picture]

Higher resolution in iChat.
Automatic update for drivers (even your printer and other stuff)
Automatic timezone setup if you travel around the world, sync with WiFi
More powerful Safari Browser
More reliable disk eject
More efficient file sharing

More refined overlook at:

And the best thing is you can upgrade to Snow Leopard only with US$29 from Mac OS X Leopard as long you are using intel based mac.

Very cheap!!

Everything is much faster.
Better graphics.
Better monitor resolutions.
Lesser down time.
Almost no hang at all! You don't really need to keep rebooting your comp!
And everything is so simple, everything is very simplified user friendly.
(people may think its not because you are totally too used to windows os and not willing to learn and change. no offence but.. i really want to change people's point of view at certain things.)

What you pay is what you get ;)

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