There's no coincidence but an underlying reason for everything that happened. ||

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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I love surprises.

And I just love to give people surprises.

They are happy, and they make me happy with their happiness.

Good night world.

Good night Mr Wirriam.
I know you might feel lonely.
Pardon me as I'm feeling worn out.

Would you want to have a dinner on Wednesday with me? Y/N?
I can finally wear that Kenneth Cole watch from now... Hehehehee....!
Found it after it went MIA for almost 5months.
I really thought I lost it. Feel so guilty yet so disappointed.

Yin was right.
Like what I always mentioned all the time.. things happen for a reason.
The watch appeared infront of me at the right time, just to pass me an important message.

I hope you are fine girl.
Make me worry when I receive that kind of message.
I'll be your listening ear at all times.
Sorry if I make you pek cek, really dont understand your text earlier.
It just pop out of the blue without any head or tail. :P

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