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@ Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Saturday

Bought 2 of these Epraizer USB Hub.
Yes, in white~ Spent a long time to hunt for this.

One for my iMac and one for my Macbook when I'm on the go.

I like this because it has on/off switch at each individual ports.

Especially sometimes you want to unplug a device but leave that usb hanging at the computer, you can just switch it off and leave your device on your table.

And bought another white card reader.
I lost my current one.

Actually its not this model.
Mine have another slot for SIM card.
But what's the use anyway.

All thanks to JZ for introducing this brand to me. Hahahaha.

Bought a pair of shoe, and 2 tops too.
Many thanks to Mr Wirriam who help me carry the stuff through out.
And stayed over at his place till Sunday.

Went back and we (Mom, Sis, Kimi and I) went to Bishan park.
I had a 5minutes run and 25mins walk.
Totally cannot run anymore..
Partly because i just ate a meal.. and it's painful . Appendicitis?

And today is tuesday..
usual routine.
Zhao away from home. :)

Seriously lost the interest of blogging when I'm plurking the whole day.

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