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@ Monday, June 08, 2009

Pretty much addicted to Plurk.

I made new friends there.
I just think Plurk is a place which is warm to me.
People who cares, people who comments, people who are always there for you, most of the time...

For those who don't know what the heck Plurk is..
It's almost like Twitter, but I think it's better than Twitter, in my opinion.
Update whatever you do, you feel, anything on the timeline..
It's like recording almost everything of your life...

Because it's pretty neat, everything is on the Timeline itself, you can see other people's plurks, comments under your plurks, very userfriendly and you can customize your personal page with anything you want with CSS codes.

Why is it addictive?
Because of the Karma points.
When you plurk (post), or invite new friends, you will gain Karma points.
Not updating anything for a day will make you lose those points.
And these points will unlock some features..

Plurk can link to facebook, twitter, friendster, or place the widget onto your blog.
So basically, you only need 1 account and all of your other accounts will be updated respectively.
So i rather stick onto this because... Im in love with the sky.. Hehehhee...

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