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@ Thursday, July 09, 2009

Damn fed up with everything.

Do you know bout Stickwar game in iPhone or iPod Touch?
You have to flick away those stickman from intruding your building war, all sorts of ways.

Why am I talking about this?

I'm actually facing the same thing now.
But I'm playing ANTWAR instead..

I don't know where the hell all these ants come from.
3-4 of them on my laptop before i change my location (20 metres away).
After I change my venue in an aircon room, I see more than 10 ants on the table after I settle down awhile.

Like wtf? Where all these ants come from?

I though they will be dead after I sweep all away .
But no, some are coming towards my laptop from time to time and I have to flick and sweep them away from getting near me.
Argh, damn irritating!!!!!!

Like as though my macbook is their nest or something. OMG.
I can see a few of them died on my laptop.

And just now before I goto the train station.
I was carring 2 big bags of goods to the Post office.
Ok, I saw this guy from afar..
A Lanyard on his neck, a file on his hand, a pen in his breast pocket..
Wearing formal wear.. You know what he's trying to do.

Never know he aimed at me and then I avoided..
He said "Hey, no no, i'm not doing those charity.."
I didn't even look at him and walk away.
HELLO, can you see me carrying such heavy stuff and you want me to stop and listen to your crap?

Ok, never mind.
I went to the post office and I was on the way to the train station.
And this time.. he gave that kind of pervertic voice.
Have you watch those Japanese hentai?
I'm not against with the japanese culture but just taking something as an example.
Those man who see xiao mei mei and want her to strip her uniform infront of him. (sort of)
Seriously OMFG.

He said these "Hey hey. Hi young lady.. No.... It's not charity.....'

Oh shucks.
I walked away and went to this path to the train..
3 flyer distributors.
All arms out with a piece of paper at ONCE (yes, they are like synchronised) when i walked infront of them.

Argh..... lol.

And I remembered once I was late for the meetup with clients.
Really rushing and i'm just less than 10metres to them.
This woman came to me.

I showed her my watch.
She stared at it for 3 seconds.

I capped the words because she's speaking quite loudly. Lol.
I'm mentioning this because the way she approached me was quite rude.

I'm getting sick of the culture in my country.
Standing infront of the train door and expect us to walk out of the train with that teeny weeny gap. I'll pushed them off with my bag of stuff man. ..

Sighs, probably i'm just feeling grumpy now.
1.5hrs more to go. (im in psb now.)

Slow connection.
Even my MMoB gives me GPRS speed here.

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