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@ Thursday, July 09, 2009

Flea is just less than 2 days away.

Some last minute update for the flea.. but great news to everyone.
There will be further discounts for the Holga packages on that day, yes only for that day!

[[[[[ Holga 135BC Cameras ]]]]]
C1 package: 135BC (Black) + Flash + Fisheye lens - $139 (UP: $144)

W1 Package: OUT OF STOCK

No worries people, I've made S1 package a little more affordable just for this flea in replacement for the W1 package.

S1 Package: 135BC (White - Hardcover Edition) + Flash + Fisheye Lens - $152 (UP: $158)

[[[[[ Holga 120 Cameras ]]]]]
P3 Package: 120 N + Multicolor flash + 35mm Adapter + Fisheye lens - $139 (UP: $144)

G3 Package: 120 GN + Multicolor Flash + 35mm Adapter + Fisheye Lens - $143 (UP: $148)

F2 Package: 120 GCFN (Pink/Purple/Yellow/White/Black&Silver) + 35mm Adapter + Fisheye Lens - $148 (UP: 153)

F3 Package: 120 GCFN (Red/White, Camo, Multicolor, Red) + 35mm Adapter + Fisheye Lens - $152 (UP: 157)

Interested parties, please reserve your package/sets by Friday (10th Jul) at 8pm.
Please include your Name and Mobile Number to
(Note: Applies to all other camera besides holga camera)

[[[[[ FAQ ]]]]
Why I don't see any P1, P2, G1, G2 and F1 package above?
Sorry, only the above listed packages are on discount. The rest are not affected.

Why do I need to reserve it?
There will only be 1 or 2 sets for each color on that flea. Yes, very limited sets!
Hence it's a wiser to let me know your orders before you are coming down.
I'll put it aside and 100% you'll get yours at the flea, or else I'm not responsible for any wasted trip!

Are you selling any films at the flea?
Yes, there will be. And there will be a little discount for them too! :)

Thanks for all your co-operation and have a great day!

Don't forget!
It's 1-8pm at Homeclub (The Riverwalk) this Saturday. (Goto for more info)

See you guys this saturday!

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