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@ Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is it.

The Woodees earphone.
The name and picture says it all.
Made of real wood.

Seen many not too bad reviews for this earphones.
I decided to get it soon.

The price is pretty attractive.

UM2 doesnt fit on my iphone due to the thick silicon casing.

They have the iPhone versions for it.
Comes with a microphone. Cool. :)

Which is nicer?

IESW101B - Woodees Inner-ear Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones or IESW100B - Woodees Inner-ear Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones with Microphone

The gold one is for ipods, silver is for iphones which comes with mic.

I like the gold one cuz its 24k gold.
But it doesn't have mic cuz it caters for mp3 players.
The thing is, do I need the mic?

That's a very big and important question.

Someone please enlighten me.

I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it!

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