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@ Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm currently sitting along my doorway alley (somewhere near my room door).

I can't wait for Sunday.
And I can't wait to get over Saturday.
Flu not fully recovered yet.
And feeling restless to do things.

I can't wait for Sunday because I can't wait to spend money! LOL.
Nic will one day nag at me again.
I can't wait to have Japanese class with Alicia at the cafe.
Its gonna be my first time visitng that cafe anyway.. Japanese kind of concept.
And Mr Wirriam and I plan to goto Singtel Comcentre at the end of the day.
Cuz I think the morning/noon crowd at singtel will drive me crazy!

I got a feeling that Mr Wirriam might get it.
Ok, at least one fine day if it's not this weekend.

Anyway for the ant thingy..
Yes... it's seriously coming out from my laptop.
I suspect that there's a nest inside my laptop.
Cuz.. I've already killed like more than 40 ants today. (Wha damn sinned, I need to go temple already)
I left my laptop on for hours to heat up so that they will crawl out.
Can't get a good screwdriver to open it else I would have mass cleared them.
The screws are so tight lah, I need to go DIY shop n hunt for that tiny screwdriver.

LOL, i think it's funny seriously.
Like where the hell did all these ants come from.
Is it really yummy in there?
Or probably it's call APPLE for a reason -__-"

And ha, before I goto bed.. here goes.....
I can't wait for Christmas, again. LOL.

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