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ky l.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Thursday, July 09, 2009

Just crossing fingers its not h1n1.
Doc cant even 100% confirm.

No fever though, but feels bad....

Even the milk I'm drinking taste bad.
My sense of taste gets weird.

Here's what I'm gonna do the next few days:
Thurs&Friday - The usual routine : meetup with Clients
Sat - Flea at Homeclub (1-8pm)
Sun - Collect iPhone 3Gs + Japanese lesson at Casual Poet Cafe
Mon - ?
Tues - Ruby's birthday celebration

Cross fingers that there will be good mobile lines for me to signup else I gotta buy a good number.
Will be using 2 lines for the next half a year. (Doesn't sounds a good idea at all. Paying a total of almost $90 per month for subscription? Sounds crazy.)

Sidetrack abit, pretty random.
I love Ernest Jackson Mac Lozenges (Blackcurrent) !
Taste like candy, so yummy yet soothe my sorethroat.

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