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@ Friday, July 31, 2009

Let me share with you my little one..


She feels damn shiok when i scratch her neck!!
Until her head will just rest on my hand and bend at such angle!!

I just feel the older she gets, the cuter she is.



Feels damn happy to see a package for me..

Woo, very very nice seller.
Quite fast shipping from the states~

Unwrapping it...


Comes with S, M, L rubber ear fits.
A pouch and user guide.
And a earphone clipper.

Tested it on my ipod.
Not too bad. The sound is quite rich compared to most of the earphones.
And yeah, the box says Richer sound because it's made of wood.
No gimmick though ;)

Now i feel that the Jelly close up lens comes in handy!

ok, the real thing looks nicer.
and its nicer than in picture which i've posted earlier.
but too bad its too small to have that kind of 'woody smell'
probably not that kind of wood i like.
and probably the rubber ear fits smell even stronger that covers the wood smell.

well, of cuz i will still love my um2.
nothing beats that unless i get the um3. LOL.

i just feel its more comfortable because its foam and fit right at the ear instead of something sticking out. too used to the good ones, now come with something lower grade makes me feel.. well, not used to it.

I played around with my iphone camera + jelly lens.
WOW right!!


Im just too lazy to take out my DSLR to take casual shots...

iphone really comes in handy.
BIG help in my life seriously.
i think without it i will die and i cant do my work
makes my life and work so convenient until cannot convenient.


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