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@ Monday, July 13, 2009

like finally, the apple iphone 3gs

+ XtremeMac Tuff Silicone Case

just thank god i pre-ordered for sunday and collect it after my japanese class.
I only queue like less than 30mins and get it settled in a short time.

and mr wirriam gey kiang went to queue earlier and waited for 2hrs?
and i face some shit inbetween (lol - as usual)

now, i'm officially an apple mac girl. (happy)

what's next man..
no aim now le.

ok bye, im heading back home n to raffles hospital. :O

PS. All buyers who've emailed since Saturday, please allow me to get back to you by tonight.
Apologise for the long delays and inconvenience caused.

PS/S. For those who have not receive my sms last night, I've already changed to a new number.
If you are my friend and didn't get my update, please let me know.
BTW, the old number will only in use for the next 6 months.
So do get yourself updated.

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