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@ Thursday, July 16, 2009

People been saying to take it easy, rest when I have to, but I'm not.

I just think nobody will do it for me if I don't push myself.

Sick also meet people.
I got no choice.

I know i'm not responsible, well H1N1 is already part of the common flu virus.
If you get it, too bad, it just means your body immune system is bad. (lol)
Trying to survive the next 2 hours.
I can do it, but not sure bout tomorrow.

I don't know why am I pushing myself just to wait for boyfriend.

i cant wait for the weekend,
i cant wait to go photo shooting with the plurkers this saturday
and no japanese class this sunday
haven go study on it yet.

life seems so suck to me these days.

no motivation liao.
seriously they are right.
getting so much things at once makes u got no aim now.
i look at the apple website, im left with ipod shuffle n nano to get which is dumb.
or upgrade to a MBP or MBA, which is crazy.

now im just waiting for the 3rd generation ipod touch to be out.
then...... i dont know what else.

when wirriam told me a fact bout someone: why always buy gadgets and stuff
not because a lot of money.
its.... want something to keep us accompany or some entertainment in life.
bcuz i got no social life.
so my gadgets are my friends.
buying things to cover up the emptiness.

i asked myself : serious?
and yeah, i think i have to agree to it.

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