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@ Monday, July 27, 2009

Pictures of my life.. Recently.
Haven't been talking bout my life for so long.
Only my buysbuysbuys craze.
And this post will be very random...

Ma de the food pictures makes me feel so hungry now lah!
No more jap food craze recently.
Become chinese food restaurants?!

I'm still craving for my beijing roasted duck and crystal jade claypot sharkfin soup.

I finally de-crave my kambing soup crave yesterday after sooooo long.

And this picture is damn stupid yet I like it.

We went to daiso and we randomly pick one flowerpot at the flower/garden section.
Mr Wirriam said it lets take a picture of it..
And he put it ON MY HEAD and said 'probably nobody knows its a pot'
He made me pose in the shop... and i saw one chicken on the shelf beside me... LOL lah -_-"

Last week we went to Singtel ComCentre.

Mr Wirriam wanted to have his iphone replace bcuz his screen is turning yellowish.
But Singtel said No.
Damn sian... I think we should go direct Apple and see how it goes..

The construction site outside the window .. Now the 2nd level already cemented.
Very fast, within a week!
I'm actually using iPhone ToyCamera application.
Got the digital lomo look, but it can never be the same as films.
Feel kind of disgusted with the effects.


And then..
St Anderson's ice cream.

Bailey almond, Rum&Raisin, Chocochip.


Been going to PSB Academy at least once a week to wait for Mr Wirriam to finish class.
Part of my weekly routine for the past soon-gonna-be 8 months.


Haiya fat boy la! =x

Ajisen is damn shit food now.
I can't believe i ate that almost every week last year.
The food getting bad, and I actually spent $13+ for a bloody meal, which is disgusting. -_-


And fleamarket~~~

I think I can say my fleabooth is the most colorful-est of all. :)

Drinking while selling.
That's the best thing~
Vodka Lime.
Super long time didn't drink liao.
I can say i quit alcohol, but I'm given free drinks, who don't want?! lol

Powersss ;D


Kimi and coco haven't take any pictures together yet.

And finally I have some but badly taken.
its damn tough to take pet and baby together.

One 10.5 months old, another 94 years old.
BIG difference. whahahah..!

Went to tabao food @ Jalan kayu 2 nights before.
I was testing the power of iPhone 3Gs camera.

Can focus and have slight bokeh at the background!
I can say it's one of the best camera phone ever existed!
Just that it doesn't have any flash.

Brought coco along..
Why dogs love to put their head out of the window?

Eat wind!! woooo~~~

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