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@ Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Went ECP with the boys.
It's been a long time I gather with them.
Though I'm not really attached to them physically but I'm happy that you guys still give me that warm feeling! Love you guys!
And finally, I'm able to meet Carissa after long 6 months!

Nothing much, chasing BOF (Boy Over Flowers) drama and find it's kind of boring.
Went to Mr Wirriam house and overnight.
Next day he needs to work, so I woke up early and walked home...

Yes, as mentioned, woke up around 8..
Went back and plurk for an hour and met 2 clients before meeting my plurkers!

HAHA, kind of weird...
We had a plurk gathering.

Went to the railway for a shoot.

Here's some shots taken by Jonathan with his dslr.

Mr Wirriam said I look like Lin Qing Xia.

We kena chased off by the station man.

Adventurous abit.. We manage to see the train!

And then it rained, we took a bus to esplanade.
And we gather all our equipment.
FWAH, power.

At at M.O.F before we all go on separate ways.

That sums up the day.

Left to Right: Alicia, Me, Glenn, Sharmaine, Janson, Jonathan


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