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@ Friday, July 24, 2009

This is it!
Everyone is hunting for this precious gem.
As you all know Polaroid company has stop producing this film and this is the last batch of film you can get.

'Nuff all introductions or any other descriptions...

I'm taking pre-orders for Polaroid 600 films.

Pack of 10 shots, expiry 07/09.
Price: S$32/pack (exclude local postage fees, meetup preferred)

Max Cap: 20 packs

More other info:
My friend will be coming back from Hong Kong end of next month.
If you guys can wait for it, go ahead and put a minimum 50% deposit (i.e. S$16 per pack), or full payment if you are comfortable.

If you think you can get cheaper elsewhere, please do not order or ride in this page. (I'm aware of that.)
I'm only helping out some of you who are desperately needing these films and my friend will be buying some which are still available in HK.

Estimated arrival time: Last week of August
Closing date for this pre-order: When all 20 packs are taken.

Payment to POSB Savings 228 27700 2 / UOB TX 396 373 302 8

Any enquiries, drop an email to or text me at 8223 8333

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