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to my beloved girl @ Sunday, July 26, 2009

To yin:

I dunno if u can get the plugoo msg. lol.

I was saying..

Im proud of you too~ and what ur new employer said is true.. very very true.
You are someone who has LOTS of potential in everything compared to people who are much educated than you.

It just proves that education is not the most important thing.
What we need is to nurture our own character, know what's wrong & whats right, have the right attitude which are being taught by people, seniors, and people around us, and the experience we face in life that changes us...

I always feel proud to have you as a friend, being a goodfriend of yours.
I never stop talking bout you in front of others.
You've outgrown so much from the first day I met you, which sometimes I feel inferior (lol, just honestly speaking - sometimes it just makes me feel 'what the heck im doing and wasting my youth away').
Its so much that I think I got many things to learn from you..

Like kind of envy you in all sorts.
But envy doesn't mean jealous.
I'm very happy for you girl~~!

You'll able to pursue your dreams and happiness in no time.
Keep it up, in whatever you do.

Jiayou, don't sulk over small and silly o'things.
I know you're just a human, and it's okay to be down.

Like we promised long long ago,
any problems, any things which you are unhappy about, any happy things you want to share,
I'll always be here - a phone away.

Though we don't really meet a lot,
though sometimes time drift us apart
though sometimes i tend to ignore some of your message and i dont know if sometimes the way i said or react makes you think that i don't care (sorry bout that!)
but I believe we can always bring all these gaps and bond together all the time.

Sometimes you need to spare sometime to care for yourself..
Not too much on others.

I know you may envy me somewhere or somehow, which I don't know whats good in me (lol)
Probably the part where 'i envy you, you envy me, you are my life idol, im your life idol (HAHA)' makes us strive even harder for our dreams. The psychological push/motivational effect is there all the time.. ;)

I believe in you,
Do believe in yourself too. :)

Your very silly lil girl who loves cat and rabbits,

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