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@ Thursday, July 30, 2009

while everyone is asleep,
im tasti-fying my tub of Dreyer's mint choco chip ice cream
i can say its been years that i've not any eaten mint ice cream and dreyers is my fav!
it feels so nice that it really flashed back all my childhood days.

and some may not know..
i think i met the malay cracker woman yesterday afternoon
she insisted me on buying the crackers.

and they said if i dont buy her crackers she will bring in Pontianak to my house or some said shes a ghost, i dont know?
i didnt know bout this news until i told yin about this after all these happened..
and she totally freak me out because she say until 'DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE'
like.. wtf? lol.

so far nothing happen to me..
but im feeling paranoid especially at night.

i've been feeling spirits for the past few days.
i can't see them but I can 'feel' the presense of 'something' is behind me.
like i ever describe to some people: it's the dense feeling in the air
the same kind of feeling if you ask your friend who is tall to stand behind you. (you can feel there's something)

once when i was walking,
another time when i'm waiting for bus at bus stop in daylight
and sometimes when im in the kitchen

i always choose to turn back, but nothing behind.
but they said its not good to turn back as the spirit may slap you. -_-?

probably im spirit level is really damn low these days lah.

enough of all these spirit ghost thing.
may god bless me!!!!!

lets talk about what happened 2 days ago:

my maid clean the room and it was wow..
i finally able to see such nice sky just outside my window.

i went down to town alone to do some chores.
roaming around and went to ion for the first time (mentioned in one of my previous post)

the toilet there is superbly chio.

darkwood cabins!

and gel for you to clean the seat before you sit

then i went to canele at scotts road for some late high tea

usual hot chamomile flowers tea

and my beef red wine stew!

after that went to cityhall to meet a client
and then met alicia at bugis

met 2 clients before we walk to cat socrates

and again, my virgin trip to this place..

many many stationeries!

nice fixtures..

pretty girl. LOL =x

had ice milk tea~

many many photos around..

nice wallpaper.. hehehhe..

i wont go there alone, i think it will feel kind of akward.
cuz the place is very small.
its good if you go with a friend or 2.

and then we walked to MSQ..
we passed by this NAUMI HOTEL
the lobby is.. really damn nice. shockingly nice like you wont expect it's a hotel
more like some chill out pub kind of ambience..


and i googled that hotel..
the interiors are so damn nice!

deluxe room living
deluxe suite bathroom premium room
its more like a home to me..!

im so gonna stay there for at least one weekend!
it's approx S$300+ per night!

if i dont feel like going home, go book one hotel! LOL

Ok, enough of it...

we went to MUJI~

Spent almost one hour there. Whahaha...
Lots of laughers esp the wood part.
she said im weird ;S

I bought this bathroom slipper.

and reserved a wooden 'coffin'

i really hope the reserved one is good condition.
it seems like out of stock everywhere.
everyone buy that because of the smell or what?
i doubt anyone will use it.. ;O

and before i end..
alicia intro-ed me this nugget brand.

taste and texture like macdonald nuggets! :D

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