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@ Saturday, August 01, 2009

DHL came and the powersupport antiglare sheet is here!

Not bad stuff seriously.
If you are looking for antiglare protector for your iphone, this is the one you should get.
Got many good ratings for this! And all sold out in epi centres!
You gotta buy them online at apple shop during this iphone craze period.

Seriously I wonder why they bother to give FREE SHIPPING from DHL when a customer only buy one dumb sheet of plastic.
And the weight is like.. only 20grams? or lesser?
*round of a clap* for their service..

As usual, meetup with clients on Friday.
Ben came over and pass me my external flash.

Got to rush to do my cousin's product shoot soon as well as some of my new products.

Mr Wirriam said he's busy with his school notes so I went to eat dinner alone.

And again, Canele for dinner by myself.
The Mushroom Alfredo is not available today. Sad..
So i ate my usual favourite: Mariana Seafood pasta

This is the only place where I eat their mussels.
Seiously i HATE mussels but theirs is fresh and it doesnt have any smelly taste.
More like giant white clams to me.
And their prawns today is superb. So crunchy that you can feel like as though you're eating it alive! :O

And yeah, my usually pot of hot chamomile flowers tea. :)

Went to town with Mr Wirriam and bought a lot of stuff.

We went to hunt for my stuff at MUJI.
Thought that I can just get my wooden coffin and leave that place, but NO...!

I bought more stuff. Darn.

Ok, manage to get the best wooden coffin of all.
You may wonder why I call it 'Wooden coffin' and it doesnt sound nice but i think it looks like it!
It's actually chopstick or utencil case but i cant find any short utencils that can fit in.. Hmmm...

But well, I bought this for the... SMELL!
Alicia said im really weird.
That's me then~~ Getting weird stuff for weird reasons. :P

Then I bought this sandal.
Though it's ugly like crocs, but it's damn comfy.
Who gives a damn bout fashion sense when you can enjoy the whole day without heel aches and pains? :D but if you can dress well, you can bring out the fashion sense from it!

My philosophy is:
Most important be comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.
Wearing things for the sake of certain reason which can't match or fit you will makes you ugly.

And.. I bought Mr Wirriam a nice polo tee.
He said why I buy for him?
I said.. monthsary present in advanced. (just 2 days later!)
its been a long time i actually bought him gifts.

I got a $10 voucher from MUJI.
one voucher for every $80 spent.

After that...
Went to Nippon-ya !
Very nice place to buy japanese snacks! Their packaging is damn nice can!
You can actually buy these and give to your friends as gifts!
Very nice stuff yet affordable price.
Or you can cheat your friends that you went to Japan and buy them these souveniors. LOL.

The first thing that caught my eye in the shop is this cat.

(yeah, my LED Z-lamp always comes in handy for casual photography using normal digital camera and mobile phone camea. bright lightings for better photos!)

It's actually a display piece. All sold out!
And it's the best among all because this cat is holding a black fish!
The rest of the cats are taking some drum and crap, I don't like it at all.

The saleguy said I can actually get the display, it's for sale.
And he said the things in the shop are all seasonal goods. Won't really restock them.
So.. i grab this before anyone else does...! :D

Oh yeah, the cute snacks beside the cat.
I took it out from the box.
I didn't take the picture of the box cus i tore it earlier as my mom want to eat them. -_-

We went to taka and wanted to have our late dinner.
Rather, his late dinner.
But all closed and I just bought a greentea redbean icecream from Azabu Sabo.

Yummy, my favourite!

We walked to Dhoby Ghaut after that..
Spotted the Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe shop...

Seriously I'm damn suaku.
My friends already know about it!
(It's time for me to go out more often!)

Not bad stuff.

Quite cheap too!

And the best thing is...

Like 'WHOA'?
For the first time in my life, a restaurant in town doesn't charge GST and service charge.

After that went to Cathay.
Wanted to watch a movie but left first 2 rows.
So we cabbed back home as we are really tired...

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