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@ Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm angry with Singpost because of their lazy delivery man.

When my friend mentioned that the postman did not ring her door bell, or attempt to do anything to deliver the parcel, and an express mail takes almost a week....

Now I know the pain.

I was expecting my overseas EMS to reach me today.
And nope, it's not in.
I went to track and said attempted but no response.

Hello? My house got 3 people who are not deaf.
And I got a super alert dog who barks to anyone who is at the door.
Why the hell there's no response?
I don't even think he even press the door bell and NEVER leave any slip at my door to inform me anything.

Then what's the point of paying for international express mail, which takes 2 working days?
And the thing is.. it's the weekend, AND.. MONDAY is a public holiday.

Fish, what the fish.

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