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@ Friday, August 07, 2009

Morning - Part time entertainer.
Kimi is playing with my things.

After meeting clients, i met Mr Wirriam (like finally) to pickup some goods at E Hub (Downtown East)

Took a train down.

Honestly speaking, I HAVEN'T been to there after since they upgraded.
I know i'm damn bloody slow.
But I was like facinated about that so called NEW place to me when everyone YAWNS and walk around almost like their home - nothing special to them.

It's the first time I step into east like so damn bloody long ago.
Even the train pass by Tampines, I was like.. WHA, I WANT TO GO TAMPINES ONE CAN?

I saw this mini indoor ferris wheel in the building and went WHOA.

I told Mr Wirriam that I feel so suaku until I feel like taking pictures of the ferris wheel but at the same time feel so paiseh to take it because the people who walk passed don't even bother to LOOK at it!

And he laughed at me.... -_-

It just proves how suaku am I.

I think I really need to spend one day to head back to the east to update myself.

After everything, we walked to Arnolds express.


Damn bloody big bow of whipped potato and coleslaw.

I upgraded my iPhone version and error halfway.
And i need to restore it.
I thought I can sleep early, but ended up it's giving me problems.
I was so scared that everything is gone, especially the SMS-es. They are the most important thing on earth.
Just thank god it's still there.. BUT.. ALL MY APPLICATIONS GONE.

I need to re-download everything and sort them all over again.
All my hardwork!


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