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@ Monday, August 24, 2009

baybeatsmxc.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Oh yeah, things are getting interesting these days.

With the hell of workloads to get things easier and better for everyone.

The well known Singapore Music Festival: Baybeats 2009 this Friday till Sunday at the Esplanade - Theaters by the Bay.
You gotta get much more fun than the usual flea events.

Hot chicks, Hot music, Heat (feel the crowds!), HELL-YEAHHHH~
Rock with the crowds, friends and with everyone.

Grab a lomo camera and instantly play around with the colorsplash flash, bulb mode, long exposures and all the crazy light trails!
Oh, I'm gonna get pump up with more batteries so you guys can play with the toys right on the spot!

Can't wait, can't wait, yeah I know!

And another news...

We (the cameras) are much nearer to you now.

You can find our cameras in Orchard Central, the tallest vertical shopping mall in Singapore.
Experience them at Cactus, #04-25!

Feel free to ask the staff for assistance.
Or you can grab my name card over there and buzz me, sms me or email me if you need any help.

Don't be alarm by the messy layout (if you find it messy).
I'm in the midst of getting them organised, and I'm pretty sure it will surprise you if you make a second trip there.

The shortest way to get up there:
(1) Step onto the suuuupppper long escalator infront of the mall.
I'm sure you can see that. It's almost like some stairway to heaven.

(2) Get up there and you are at level 3, continue taking another short escalator to fourth level

(3) Enter through that glass sliding door.
Voalla, you can see Cactus right infront of your eyes, just like an oasis in the desert.

LOL, ok very lame but it makes sense.

Right, you people in my mailing list should get this news pretty soon.

Heading to bed asap.
Lots of work tomorrow, rather later.
*pulls hair*

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