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@ Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty exciting schedule these days.

Haji Lane will be my another usual 'hangout' pretty soon.
And Baybeats 2009 event this coming weekend.
Though there's no 'boyfriend' time this month, i've neglected him a lot (boohoo).

I'm sure he'll understand with all my workloads and yeah, work (again).

I really want to take this opportunity to thank a few people. (No particular order, so don't be jealous ok?)

Mr Wirriam

Thanks for being so supportive, and show all your care and concerns, sharing lots of things with me, and being so helpful all the time.

Really, I'm not talking rots, without you guys I really really don't have today.

Especially my supportive Mr Wirriam..
Being there all the while even I flare up and nag at him almost all the time.
He didn't mind, which I really wonder why.
(If I were him, I've already left me long ago. Hahahaha)

And and... he got marksman yesterday!
Nothing much to hooha about but I'm happy for him because I think he didn't get that during his last reservist, if i'm not wrong.

Can't wait to see him this weekend, and wait for everything to be over and resume back to my usual life, which I think everything will be different from now..

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