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@ Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are proud to announce that our cameras are in theblogshop ( at Haji Lane!

Maybe Baybeats isn't the type event for you..
This may be another place for you to hang out with your friends!

They will have their grand opening this Saturday and will coincide with the ‘Flea and Fun Raiser’ charity event, which is advertised on local radio. Several MTV personalities have agreed to make an appearance for photo opportunities.

Renowned fashion bloggers such as Peggy & Winnie Heng, Nadnut, Peggy Chang, Holly Jean, and many more will be present to honour our opening. They have also invited several writers from Singapore Press Holdings to cover our event.


Time : 2pm
Venue : 35 Haji Lane (S)189228

PS. I won't be there due to Baybeats 2009 at Esplanade.
If there's anything you need to enquire/know, feel free to contact me at 8223 8333.

Thanks and enjoy the fun weekend!

See you guys at Baybeats tomorrow till Sunday.
Do check out the cameras in theblogshop if you can't head down to Baybeats!

Do support and thanks for your support! :p

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